"I was planning to vote anarchist, but they don't seem to have any candidates." -- Michael Rivero

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More than ten months into Sudan’s war, local sources across the country have told Middle East Eye that people are dying of starvation every day.

The humanitarian situation is dire, with the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and its enemy, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary, accusing each other of obstructing aid deliveries and cutting access to the internet.

Activists Urge Nigeria to Delay Shell's $2.4 Billion Sale of Assets in Deeply Polluted Niger Delta

Local activists and international environmental groups want Nigeria’s government to delay approving the $2.4 billion sale of oil company Shell’s onshore assets

ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Local activists and international environmental groups want Nigeria's government to delay approving the sale of oil company Shell's onshore assets, claiming Shell is trying to shirk its environmental and social responsibilities in the highly polluted Niger Delta.

On February 15, the U.S. government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Somalia to construct up to five military bases for the Somali National Army in the name of bolstering the army’s capabilities in the ongoing fight against the militant group al-Shabaab.

This is a troubling development that not only risks further militarizing Somalia and perpetuating endless war, but comes with the potential of exacerbating geopolitical rivalries at the expense of the needs and interests of ordinary Somalis.

According to a commentary from The Intercept by John Schwarz, former Navy Seal and founder of mercenary firm Blackwater Erik Prince has called on the United States to "put the imperial hat back on" and control massive parts of the globe again.

Erik Prince is a former US Navy SEAL who was behind the revival of the private security industry. 

He also calls himself "Kingfish".

There's a move in the US House of Representatives to potentially downgrade the United States' formal relations with South Africa over its case before the Hague-based International Court of Justice (ICJ, or World Court) accusing Israel of "genocide" against Palestinians.