"A dishonest government creates a dishonest people!" -- Michael Rivero

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The judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case has ordered another round of unsealing of evidence in the case, with the latest batch exposing that one of the Justice Department’s top lawyers went so far as to threaten the attorney of a Trump defendant.

An immigration watchdog is crying foul after the Elon Musk-owned X, formerly Twitter, banned a post highlighting a problem with illegal migrants registering to vote across the country.

The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, or ALIPAC, was informed by X Ads Policy Support that its post that raised the issue was "hate speech" and attacked a "protected group."

DA Alvin Braggs Key Witness in Trump Trial Was A Huge Flop: Report MikeRivero

Political commentators and the media noted what happened, with much coverage focusing on the possible mistakes Bragg’s team might have made.

“Did the prosecution comprehend that they just looked silly?” “Their main witness just said that Trump didn’t even think of any of this,” a political analyst from Travis Media Group tweeted after the testimony.

“Pecker effectively testified today that he and Cohen drummed up this scheme, without Trump’s instruction. Not a good day for Alvin Bragg and Joe Biden!!!” Raheem Kassam of the National Pulse tweeted.

Mark Hamill, a veteran actor best known for his portrayal as Luke Skywalker in the original “Star Wars” trilogy, as well as the often criticized Disney trilogy, was roasted by Instagram users on his own page after he opted to post a cringe pro-Biden social media post.

The attorneys representing the corrupt DA in New York, Alvin Bragg, in their case against President Trump, have made a serious error in their case. President Trump’s attorneys must move to dismiss.

DA Bragg’s case is in serious trouble. The gang behind the prosecution of President Trump made a serious error that should lead President Trump’s team to move to dismiss.


A bombshell new peer-reviewed study has provided conclusive scientific evidence proving that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in Earth’s atmosphere cannot cause “global warming.”

Dr. Jan Kubicki led a group of world-renowned Polish scientists to study the impact of increases in CO2 emissions on the Earth’s global temperatures.

However, not only did they find that higher levels of CO2 made no difference, but they also proved that it simply isn’t possible for increases in carbon dioxide to cause temperatures to rise.

During a Fox News interview on Monday, Chris Kise was asked by host Jesse Watters what he thought was happening with the criminal cases. In response, he said, “Well, I think, you know, the Democrats claim that Trump is a threat to democracy. The real threat to democracy is the willingness to abuse the power of your office to influence what should otherwise be a free and fair election.”