"Morality is based on respect for your fellow human being. If you remember that one idea, then you need not bother memorizing endless lists of arbitrary rules and laws. You will know what is right and wrong." --- Michael Rivero

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BEWARE! The ICC arrest warrant for war criminal Netanyahu puts the entire world at great risk……


…because the genocidal regime ruling the Zionist State of Israel will do anything to both (i) distract the world’s attention from this major geopolitical development and (ii) throw the entire planetary civilization into the kinetic phase of a World War III scenario as a means of overwhelming the extraordinarily profound significance and far-reaching ramifications of the ICC’s scathing indictment alleging genocide.

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, blasted the U.N. as an enemy of “the values of America and the free world” that is used to “whitewash” the crimes of dictators and rogues and argued that unless there are fundamental reforms to the organization, the United States should give consideration to defunding the U.N.

A section of the $320 million floating pier built and erected off Gaza's coast has broken off and floated onto an Israeli beach. The Saturday mishap is the latest setback for the US humanitarian aid project, after three US troops were reported injured aboard the pier two days prior, including one critically.

Biden's $320M Gaza Pier Has Detached Ladylove
by Tyler Durden
A section of the $320 million floating pier built and erected off Gaza's coast has broken off and floated onto an Israeli beach.

Waves have swept away vessels supporting the United States-built pier installed to transfer aid to Gaza, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) has said.

In a statement on Saturday, CENTCOM noted that during the transportation of humanitarian aid, the US floating dock was disconnected from the small boat tugging it and the vessels broke free from their moorings with two of them now anchored on the beach near the pier.

Khaled Dawas is a British-Palestinian surgeon who has a leadership role within one of Britain's most prestigious hospitals. He provides his testimony and ask you to make your own mind up - are these war crimes?

Israel has only one way out; it won't choose it. The only way to avoid tumbling into the abyss whose edges we now skirt is to say yes to Friday's ruling by the International Court of Justice.

The international court of justice (ICJ) on Friday ordered Israel to halt its military assault on the southern Gaza city of Rafah, where about half of Gaza’s 2.3 million people have taken refuge in recent months. The ruling is the closest that the UN’s top court has come to ordering a ceasefire, and it further exposes Israel and its closest supporters, especially the US and the UK, for their disregard of international law and institutions.