"Keeping people confused and unsure about who they are is essential to removing resistance to tyranny. Every dictator in history has played that same game!" -- Michael Rivero

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That the U.S. President Joseph Biden, his British, NATO, Israeli allies, and their corporate media mouthpieces are in need of a major propaganda victory is obvious. They are losing the war in Ukraine, have been condemned throughout the world for the genocide in Gaza, and are ruling over a disintegrating empire. Biden and Netanyahu’s political lives are at serious risk. And so they have just rolled out a full-court propaganda press effort aimed at covering their losses. It should be crystal clear to anyone who can use logic to see the timing involved.

Information about children referred to the UK’s Prevent counter-terrorism programme could be held on databases for decades and potentially for the rest of their lives, digital rights campaigners have warned.

In a report published on Thursday, Open Rights Group warned that thousands of children referred to Prevent over the past decade are at risk of being “marked for life” even in the vast majority of cases in which no action or intervention is deemed necessary.

The Met Office is refusing to retract a claim made by a senior meteorologist on BBC radio that storms are becoming "more intense" due to climate change, despite admitting that it has no evidence to back up the claim.

The moment part of a decommissioned power station building was demolished has been captured on camera.

A pre-planned demolition of Cottam power station's boiler house took place earlier, with people on social media saying they could feel and hear the demolition over a wide area.

Dee Dickens, who filmed it from near Rampton in Nottinghamshire, said: "As I have lived in Treswell all my life, it's been a large part of my life. My mam has seen it built and now demolished."

British fishermen will be banned from operating in the Barents Sea, one of the world’s largest fisheries for cod and haddock, under new legislation passed by the lower house of Russia’s parliament, the State Duma, on Wednesday.  

The bill, which rescinds an agreement signed between the governments of the USSR, the UK, and Northern Ireland in 1956, was passed in its third reading.   

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron announced more than 50 new sanctions targeting Russian individuals and businesses on Thursday. The package, announced in press release on the UK government's website, is meant to mark the second anniversary of the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine on February 24. 

 The policy research firm Public First found that a perception of political correctness in BBC News' coverage means a 'significant minority' of working class viewers are tuning into rivals.