"Action for the sake of action is a fool's agenda if that action is the wrong action at the wrong time." -- Michael Rivero

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'I wish the best for both of them,' Trump said, before making a comment on how long their relationship might last

Former President Donald Trump has weighed in on the new relationship between pop music icon Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, indicating whether he thinks the romance will last.

Addiction expert urges parents to discourage underage drinking to prevent ‘lifelong problems’

A new study done by addiction recovery resource Addiction Treatment Magazine has revealed the states that have the highest and lowest prevalence of underage drinking.

The lawsuit details a painful trip down the Humunga Kowabunga slide

A woman is seeking a hefty sum of money from the House of Mouse in a recent lawsuit following an unpleasant trip down a waterslide at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon that resulted in an "injurious wedgie."

Cellphone video of the altercation shows a man repeatedly punching another in the face

A simple favor to ask a moviegoer to sit in his assigned seat turned into an all-out brawl at a Florida movie theater — with the incident being captured on camera.