"You cannot have free speech and not offend people. That's why the whole political correctness movement was a form of cultural marxism, to trick people into not expressing their opinion because someone, someplace on the planet, might have their feelings hurt; to surrender freedom of speech without realizing that was what was happening." -- Michael Rivero

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US passes on WNBA rookie Caitlin Clark, prioritizes experience on Olympic women's basketball team

WNBA star Caitlin Clark's exclusion from the women's national team at the 2024 Olympic Games has sparked disappointment among basketball fans across the country, though some told Fox News Digital they understand the choice.

That 70s Show’ star made comments last week that AI could replace many aspects of filmmaking

Ashton Kutcher is addressing the backlash he's faced after saying artificial intelligence could essentially replace a multitude of roles in the entertainment industry.

(SQAUK) — The extradition hearing for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a case that has captured global attention, commenced on June 9 in London. The hearing marks a significant development in the lengthy legal battle that has been the focus of international scrutiny. Assange, who has been fighting extradition to the United States, appeared in court as his defense team prepared to argue against the charges brought by U.S.

When we read about ancient societies that worshipped their gods by conducting child sacrifices, many of us recoil in horror. But the truth is that far more children are being murdered in our time, and the vast majority of the population is perfectly okay with that. In ancient times, in most cases it wasn’t children that were wanted that were brought to the child sacrifices. Instead, in most cases such ceremonies were a perfect opportunity to get rid of children that were not wanted. Today, unwanted children are discarded behind closed doors at an abortion clinic.
Police Release Big Update After Sen. Fetterman, Wife Involved In Auto Accident MikeRivero

Police have released an update following a vehicular accident involving Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) and his wife, Gisele, and another as-yet-unidentified 62-year-old woman.

According to a police report, Sen. Fetterman was driving “well over” the posted 70 mile-per-hour speed limit when the accident occurred and has been determined to be “at fault,” Newsweek noted.

Tesla in Self-Drive Mode Slams Into Police Car Responding to Fatal Crash alexmark
Southwest Airlines Boeing flight experienced terrifying Dutch roll with 175 passengers on board MikeRivero

A Southwest Airlines Boeing plane experienced a rare Dutch roll at 32,000 feet in the air that resulted in significant damage to the aircraft that left it out of service, officials said.

Southwest flight N8825Q, a Boeing 737 carrying 175 passengers,  was traveling from Phoenix to Oakland on May 25 when its tail began to wag left and right, causing the plane’s wings to rock from side to side.